Monday, April 13, 2009

Lessons From The Cube

I carry my Rubik’s Cube around with me when I travel and when I teach. It serves many purposes: It’s a great stress reliever. It exercises my hands. It’s an attention getter. It makes me appear smart. Most importantly, it is a metaphor for countless things in Life.

Every time that I quietly start solving my cube in public, someone always needs to tell me, “I used to be able to do that!” Their story always ends with the same defeated declaration: “...But, I could never learn that now!”

Lessons from The Cube:
• We already have all of the pieces of ‘The Puzzle’… we just need to properly put them together
• Most of us already know how to solve ‘The Puzzle’ (because we’ve done it before or seen it done before)
• Lack of practice has resulted in us forgetting important lessons
• Some people’s first instinct when confronted with ‘The Puzzle’… is to cheat
• Your belief in whether or not you can solve ‘The Puzzle’… is the biggest determining factor of success

30 years after forgetting how to solve The Cube, I challenged myself to learn it again. After dedicated hours of study and practice… I am back to where I was at age 17… I have a ‘newly’ learned skill… and the proof again that I can do anything!  What 'old' skills from the past do you need to re-learn to be successful today?

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