Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Positivity Challenge

What if you could win $10,000,000 on the condition that (starting right now) you had to be 100% Positive for the next 24 hours?  Could you do it?

Before you automatically answer "Yes!" and start dreaming of how you'd spend that money, here is a clarification of the rules:
  • You are held 100% responsible for the positivity of your environment (internal and external... outgoing and incoming)
  • Every action must be positive
  • Every conversation must be positive
  • Every question must be positive
  • Every song, TV program, website, article, book must be positive
  • Every person in your surrounding 'world' must be positive
  • Every thought must be positive
Most people say that they want the world to be a better, more positive place...  Don't you?  With all of the negativity we initiate and allow in our lives... what are we doing to make the world a better, more positive place?  

While you nor I will probably be collecting our $10,000,000 any time soon...  let's try anyway and commit to take the Positivity Challenge every day? 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Embrace the Silence!

The power of silence is truly underrated!  

I am as bad as the next person… The first thing that I do when I enter a room… or get into my car… or go anywhere quiet… is automatically turn on some NOISE.  99.9% of our NOISE options come from: televisions, computers, music devices or phones.  (Note: You get bonus points if you are required to listen and watch your NOISE selection.)

It doesn’t matter if we’re not paying attention… It doesn’t matter if the NOISE is neither educational nor entertaining.  It doesn’t even matter if the NOISE is distracting us from doing what we should be doing.  We have conditioned ourselves to prefer almost anything over silence.

If you want more Time, Peace & Enlightenment in your Life, try turning off the NOISE… and 

Embrace the Silence!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

"We're More Important Than You!"

Would you patronize a business that posted a sign out front that stated, “We’re More Important Than You!”?  I was confronted with that dilemma when I recently visited a popular restaurant.  The words on the sign were different, but that’s what they meant.  

It was a busy time of day, and the parking lot was almost full… all except for the two closest spots (after the handicapped zone).  To my amazement, the two signs that ‘protected’ these coveted spaces from customers clearly stated, “RESERVED PARKING FOR MANAGEMENT” (yes, all in CAPITAL letters).

My instincts told me to turn around and eat somewhere else… but I was with family, so I patronized the business after all.  Everything else about my dining experience was excellent.  It was a shame that I still left with a ‘bad taste in my mouth’ because of those signs.  

Do you show your customers (with everything that you do) that they are more important than you?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Loyal Customers

I have used the same bank for my primary savings & checking account for over 30 years.  That’s saying something… especially during these turbulent economic times.  If I asked anyone, including the CEO of that bank, whether or not I should be considered a loyal customer, the answer would be “Yes, absolutely!”  But, everyone would be wrong… at least according to my (more optimistic) definition of “Loyal”. 

Yes, I have been a long-time customer… but I have ‘only’ purchased a miniscule portion of the services my bank provides.  I never used my bank to finance even one of the 13 cars that I have purchased… or to help put my daughter thru college… or to purchase my home... 

The #1 reason why my bank LOST tens of thousands of dollars of my business… is simply because nobody asked me!

Therefore, before you spend all of your energy & resources chasing ‘new’ business, take a look at your current customers to see how much of your services they are using today.  How many ‘loyal’ customers do you really have?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

'Just' One More Thing...

If you are reading this blog, I know that you are already working very hard.  And, while it is always desirable to work smarter than harder, it is usually possible to add 'just' one more thing to increase your probability of success.  Next week, consider:
  • Contacting 'just' one more prospect... or
  • Making 'just' one more sales call... or
  • Working 'just' one more hour... or
  • Reading 'just' one more book... or
  • Thanking 'just' one more customer... or
  • Training 'just' one more employee... or
  • Motivating 'just' one more team member
Regardless of how hard you are working now, what got you here... will not get you there.  What one 'extra' thing will you do to make the difference?