Sunday, March 15, 2009

"We're More Important Than You!"

Would you patronize a business that posted a sign out front that stated, “We’re More Important Than You!”?  I was confronted with that dilemma when I recently visited a popular restaurant.  The words on the sign were different, but that’s what they meant.  

It was a busy time of day, and the parking lot was almost full… all except for the two closest spots (after the handicapped zone).  To my amazement, the two signs that ‘protected’ these coveted spaces from customers clearly stated, “RESERVED PARKING FOR MANAGEMENT” (yes, all in CAPITAL letters).

My instincts told me to turn around and eat somewhere else… but I was with family, so I patronized the business after all.  Everything else about my dining experience was excellent.  It was a shame that I still left with a ‘bad taste in my mouth’ because of those signs.  

Do you show your customers (with everything that you do) that they are more important than you?

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davidgoad said...

I worked at a big company where the CFO parked his Mercedes convertible by the front door with his own little "Reserved" sign. And he had a half a female mannequin in the passenger seat to help drive illegally in the carpool lane. Shameless.