Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Positivity Challenge

What if you could win $10,000,000 on the condition that (starting right now) you had to be 100% Positive for the next 24 hours?  Could you do it?

Before you automatically answer "Yes!" and start dreaming of how you'd spend that money, here is a clarification of the rules:
  • You are held 100% responsible for the positivity of your environment (internal and external... outgoing and incoming)
  • Every action must be positive
  • Every conversation must be positive
  • Every question must be positive
  • Every song, TV program, website, article, book must be positive
  • Every person in your surrounding 'world' must be positive
  • Every thought must be positive
Most people say that they want the world to be a better, more positive place...  Don't you?  With all of the negativity we initiate and allow in our lives... what are we doing to make the world a better, more positive place?  

While you nor I will probably be collecting our $10,000,000 any time soon...  let's try anyway and commit to take the Positivity Challenge every day? 

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