Sunday, March 22, 2009

Embrace the Silence!

The power of silence is truly underrated!  

I am as bad as the next person… The first thing that I do when I enter a room… or get into my car… or go anywhere quiet… is automatically turn on some NOISE.  99.9% of our NOISE options come from: televisions, computers, music devices or phones.  (Note: You get bonus points if you are required to listen and watch your NOISE selection.)

It doesn’t matter if we’re not paying attention… It doesn’t matter if the NOISE is neither educational nor entertaining.  It doesn’t even matter if the NOISE is distracting us from doing what we should be doing.  We have conditioned ourselves to prefer almost anything over silence.

If you want more Time, Peace & Enlightenment in your Life, try turning off the NOISE… and 

Embrace the Silence!

1 comment:

Fred Hensel - Mind Coach said...

Very timely blog post. I have been aware now for several weeks how I live with deliberate background noise. I have been procrastinating changing the situation too. I'm going to make a list of the essential,the enjoyable, and the fillers. Then I have to wittle it down.
Thanks for the motivation to get up and DO IT!