Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stop 'Just' Doing Things!

I hear and read it every day... from sales professionals & non-professionals alike.   They are trying to initiate a conversation with someone, and they stumble out of the gate by saying something like, "I just called to..." or "I just want wanted to..."

Why do they do that?  Why do they diminish the Value and Importance of whatever they are about to say by using the word "just"?  "Just" serves few purposes other than to let the world know that the next words that you hear... will not be very important.

So, the next time that you have something to say, the easiest way to strengthen your messages is to remove the word "just" from your vocabulary.  (Note: You don't even have to replace it with another word... all you have to do... is skip it!)  

Give it a try and see how it works!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Permission to Dream Again!

As I continue to travel the world training business professionals & students of all ages, I have noticed a self-inflicted barrier that makes it impossible for most of the underachievers to reach their potential... even before they get started.

Low expectations! 

People hear so many times (from others & from themselves) about what's 'possible' and what's not... about what's 'realistic' and what's not... that they have literally lost the ability to Dream.  When I ask people these days about their goal for the rest of 2009, a large percentage actually respond, "I just want to survive!"... 

If I help you build a plan to grow 50%, and for some reason, the plan misses a little... you might have to 'settle' for only achieving 10 - 20% growth.  However, if your goal is "to survive" (which is right up there with those other stretch goals... like breathing), you'll be in BIG trouble if something goes wrong.  (Note: Something always goes wrong!)  

It is a proven fact that higher expectations produce better results.  Let's give ourselves a chance to do more than just survive.  I challenge you to Dream again... to make & execute a plan for the year... job... career... relationship... Life that you want to have (not that you think you'll have).

You'll do better... and have much more Fun!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Truer Meaning of 'Winning'

I learned a valuable lesson about winning last night… attending a prestigious competition.  The Best of the Best were set to compete… and the ‘winner’ was to be determined not by quantifiable facts… but by the subjective observation of anonymous judges…

The crowded room was silent with anticipation… “And, the ‘winner’ is…”

The name of the proclaimed ‘winner’ was announced, and then a split-second of awkward silence followed as the audience realized that their anticipated ‘winner’ had not been selected...  Jubilation!.. shock… Celebration!.. confusion filled the room as the silent debate began regarding what just happened.  As a certified (objective) judge and as a close (biased) friend of one of the contestants, I had my own strong opinion regarding who should have received the 1st Place trophy.  But, my vote didn’t count last night… and my guy didn’t win… Or, did he?

I’m not talking about whether he would’ve, could’ve or should’ve been selected as the designated ‘winner’… I’m talking about a truer meaning of winning… because I was there from the beginning.  The early written outline of his creation… the first times that he presented it to a group… the evolution of drafts, presentations and improvements… resulting in the final Masterpiece that was presented last night.

My guy did win… as did every single other contestant… because they did their absolute Best… in the planning and practice and execution of their craft.  None of us need the validation of a title or a trophy at the end of the day.  It is the Journey that gives us a truer meaning of ‘Winning’.  Congratulations everyone!