Monday, May 25, 2009

Permission to Dream Again!

As I continue to travel the world training business professionals & students of all ages, I have noticed a self-inflicted barrier that makes it impossible for most of the underachievers to reach their potential... even before they get started.

Low expectations! 

People hear so many times (from others & from themselves) about what's 'possible' and what's not... about what's 'realistic' and what's not... that they have literally lost the ability to Dream.  When I ask people these days about their goal for the rest of 2009, a large percentage actually respond, "I just want to survive!"... 

If I help you build a plan to grow 50%, and for some reason, the plan misses a little... you might have to 'settle' for only achieving 10 - 20% growth.  However, if your goal is "to survive" (which is right up there with those other stretch goals... like breathing), you'll be in BIG trouble if something goes wrong.  (Note: Something always goes wrong!)  

It is a proven fact that higher expectations produce better results.  Let's give ourselves a chance to do more than just survive.  I challenge you to Dream again... to make & execute a plan for the year... job... career... relationship... Life that you want to have (not that you think you'll have).

You'll do better... and have much more Fun!

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