Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Choose!

I drove over a nail on the freeway yesterday… on my way to give an important presentation. Here is how I chose to feel about what happened to me:

  • I felt lucky that my tire did not go flat on the freeway… (I made it to my destination in time for my special event).
  • I felt fortunate that I discovered my flat during an unplanned quick trip to put something in my car.
  • I felt thankful that everything took place during broad daylight… instead of in the darkness of night (when I was scheduled to use my car to get home).
  • I felt happy to have a working spare tire.
  • I felt relieved to have emergency roadside service (but chose not to use it).
  • I felt capable to know how to fix a flat tire (and I quickly did so because that was my desired option).
  • I felt Blessed that the flat happened to me instead of my son (who traveled in a separate car to the same event).
  • I felt prepared that I had my camera with me to capture the event.

No situation or person can make me feel anything… I choose how to feel!

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