Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"You Are Not Important... Yet!"

Another business refused to take my money today… at least for a while. I was standing out front of that business for 10 minutes waiting for it to open. I could see employees behind locked doors scurrying about trying to finish their ‘urgent’ last-minute tasks. Occasionally, someone would glance up and look at me (as I waited outside to give them my money)… Never did they greet me… Never did they even acknowledge me.

Poet, author and African American ‘treasure’, Maya Angelou one said, “If someone shows you who they are… Believe Them!” In other words, “Talk is Cheap!” Don’t tell me that I am a valued customer… show me. Don’t say that you appreciate my business… show me.

When I managed retail stores during the early part of my career, I instructed my staff to always let customers into the store if they arrived before business hours. We showed our appreciation and how much we Valued their business by making them our priority… not some task that could be done later.

What are your actions telling others?

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