Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's The Difference?

During the first several thousand years of business, you could be successful by simply providing a great product, service, solution or convenience at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, being ‘Great’… is not good enough any more. Today, countless individuals and organizations seemingly sell exactly the same thing… for the exact same price… in virtually the exact same place.

Why should I shop at Barnes & Noble instead of Borders or Amazon? Why should I patronize Blockbuster versus Hollywood Video or Netflix? What’s really the difference between Mr. Real Estate Agent #1 and Ms. Realtor Agent #1,000,000? Why should I hire you instead of somebody else? Why should I lay off John instead of James?

So few people seem to be focused on finding answers to those questions. So many people seem to be content with thinking and behaving just like everyone else… and, then blaming their situation on excuses like “The Economy”.

Here is today’s new reality: either you are Remarkable… or you are Invisible.

Which are YOU choosing to be?

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