Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feedback about Feedback

Feedback is often highly overrated. Many people (even those doing the 'right' thing) care too much about what others say about their efforts. They also assume something negative if they get little or no feedback at all.

The other day, I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers 'only' gets 5 - 10 comments for each of his blog postings. This is despite the fact that literally thousands of people read them every day. Most of his fans are content to read his words, and silently go about their day. If the writer took the amount of feedback personally, he could easily get discouraged and stop providing his daily words of wisdom. But, he realizes that it's the traffic to his site that fuels his brand... not the number of comments he gets.

While feedback can be useful... and provide you with an 'independent' perspective on something that might be too close to accurately judge yourself... don't depend on it to validate what you do.

Do you require feedback to ‘feel good’ about what you are doing? If the answer is “Yes”, get ready for a life of disappointment.

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davidgoad said...

I think this is why movie actors love going back to the stage to get "immediate" feedback. And the reason writers become speakers.