Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Are You REALLY Doing?

It is very easy to pretend that we care about others in our lives… because the words come so easily – “How are you doing?”… “I hope that you are doing well! With good intentions in our hearts, we ask these types of questions… make these types of statements… and, then go on with our lives pretending that everything is OK.

Underneath the surface, however, everything is rarely OK… and often those same people (who just gave us the answer they thought we wanted to hear) are desperately searching for words of advice, encouragement or a shoulder to lean upon. They are desperately waiting for someone to ask, “How are you really doing?” so that they can be honest… and trust that true friend with the truth.

As this world becomes more & more ‘connected’… we can easily become more & more detached.

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beidler said...

Valid observation Steven but I think the opposite is true, in that most people are OK. I guess we have to determine just what OK is. If not being able to retire at 40 and be independently wealthy like Tiger or Niclaus, then I'm doing TERRIBLE.