Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Need to Know?

Once again, I attempted to endure the nation’s most popular news broadcasts… watching what were supposedly the day’s “Top Stories”. I turned off the television dissatisfied, knowing that everything I had just seen was totally irrelevant to my needs & interests.

Here is a random list of common and not-so-common daily topics circulating in your world... You decide which are truly Need to Know:

How a celebrity died

The details of a murder

The state of your personal finances

The latest gossip around the workplace, organization or community

The location of your children

The opinion of stranger barely smart enough to write 140 characters

Today’s stock market results

The latest opinion poll

The character & behavior of your child’s friends

The quality of education in your schools

The opinions of your ‘best’ customers

The gruesome details of a shark attack

The feedback of your ‘lost’ customers

Ways you could help make the world a better place

The needs & wants of your target customers

Challenge: Make a list of the most important information that you need to know. Compare that list to what you spend most of your time watching and listening to. Then, decide whether or not you should change your behavior.

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