Monday, December 21, 2009

Are You Building or Destroying Your Brand?

You ARE your brand… You ARE that impression or feeling that people immediately get when they think about, hear or see you. Branding deals in the world of absolutes.

Everything that you do either builds up your Brand… or destroys your Brand.

There is no middle ground. Every human interaction, whether it is face-to-face… on the phone… or thru the countless forms of media and technology sends out a message regarding who you are. The blessing and the curse of technology is that more of what we do and say are ‘out there’ FOREVER… creating a composite of our Brand.

People no longer ask YOU to describe you. They find out for themselves by looking you up on Google… or by checking out your photos on facebook. Nothing is off-the-record... Therefore, you no longer have the luxury of doing something great over here... and doing something stupid over there. Before you say, do or post something, ask yourself this simple question: "Am I building or destroying my brand?"