Friday, September 4, 2009


According to an NFL expert, 40% of all offensive plays break down and don’t go as originally planned. Therefore, the true test of a quarterback is not his arm strength or other athletic gifts… it is his ability to adapt to Change.

The quarterback must make an immediate assessment of the new situation… consider the vast array of options… choose the best course of action… communicate the new plan to the team… then flawlessly execute the play… all within a matter of seconds while powerful, skilled opponents try to stop him. This challenge repeats play-after-play, series-after-series, and game-after-game.

Similar situations can also be found throughout the business world every day… as executives, managers, sales professionals and entrepreneurs are challenged to succeed in this ever-changing world. Change is not probable… it is certain. And, the only way to perform at your absolute best when the ‘game’ is on the line… is to practice so much and so hard that nothing surprises you.

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