Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Make A Better Tomorrow... Starting Today!

Starting today… Let’s:

Become a healthier nation & world by eating better & exercising more…

Improve our financial situation by becoming more financially intelligent, creating more real jobs and holding our leaders accountable to ‘Do The Right Thing’…

Lead the world out of war, hate & despair by taking the moral high ground in everything that we do…

Regain our lead as having the best schools & banks & communities by dismissing our petty differences and addressing the serious issues at hand…

Have zero tolerance for every individual or organization that creates, markets or distributes ‘poisons for consumption’ just to make a profit…

We have tried living our lives in ‘isolation’… with a mindset of fear, hatred and scarcity. How has that been working so far? Improve your Life… the lives of your loved ones… and the world by accepting the 30-day Challenge:

1. Eliminate all of the negativity in your Life

§ Negative television, music, movies, conversations and thoughts

2. Remove the distractions in your Life

§ Things that prevent you from making your life and the world better

3. Capture your thoughts in a journal

§ Goals, dreams, plans, observations, etc.

4. Embrace the Silence

§ Allow uninterrupted thoughts to flow

5. Read – Read – Read

§ Take advantage of your free access to every piece of knowledge & inspiration you could ever need

We can save the world by stopping all negative influences (incoming & outgoing)… creating our own reality… and looking inward for The Solution. Make a better tomorrow… starting today!

(This blog post was inspired by Randy C. Wilson. Check him out at www.longliveyou.com)

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