Sunday, September 20, 2009

Failures Wanted!

How many times did you fail last week?

If your answer is "Zero!", don't be so proud. That only proves the fact that you did not try hard enough... or stretch yourself far enough... because if you're not failing on a regular basis, something is wrong.

Most people are proud of the fact that they are not only confident... they are competent in everything that they do. I was the same way for most of my career. But, after much personal reflection, reading and hearing words of wisdom from people that I trust, I realized that I was not a failure at success... I was a failure at failing.

Don't fear people telling you "No!" or turning you down. Don't fear missing your short-term goals. Failure is an absolutely necessary part of achieving your potential.

Here's wishing you a future of many failures... and much success!

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