Monday, December 8, 2008

The Land of Accountability

Once upon a time... we had valid excuses for not being able to achieve something.

Typically, those excuses focused on our lack of sufficient access or resources necessary to Learn or Do... Now, our excuses for not learning something... not doing something... or not being somebody have essentially disappeared.

With access to public libraries (with their books and free internet access), bookstores (with their comfortable chairs and coffee shops) and the internet, we have the opportunity to learn almost anything imaginable... for FREE! Therefore, the only real questions that remain to be answered are these: What do we want to learn or do? And, what are we waiting for?

The Land of Accountability can be a scary place... mostly because there is nowhere to hide and nobody to blame (OK, maybe there's one person to blame, but we already know who that is). The Land of Accountability can also be the most excited place to be because there are virtually no limits to what is possible.

Times are hard... There is less time and less money than ever before. That's why the choices that we make regarding how we invest our time and money are of even greater importance. Here's an easy way to get started: Write down your answers to the following questions:
  • What do I need or want to learn to be more successful?
  • What skills could I develop to help me achieve my personal & professional goals?
  • Where is that information available?
  • How many minutes each week will I commit to acquiring that knowledge and developing those skills?
  • What day this week will I begin?

Or, you could just do nothing different... and see how that works out. The choice is yours.

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