Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thank Everybody - Part 1

When was the last time that you contacted every one of your customers... for the sole purpose of thanking them for their support and patronage?

I have asked that question to countless sales professionals all over the world, and almost 100% of the time the answer I hear is either "Never" or "I don't know" (which translates to "never"). Before the avalanche of excuses starts to fall ("That's impossible"... "I have too many accounts"... "I'm too busy!"... etc.), answer this question:

If you could earn a $100,000 Customer Satisfaction Bonus (tax free) for thanking every one of your accounts within a 30-day period, would you get paid at the end of the month?

Of course, you would! So, never again say or even think that it's not possible... Most sales professionals don't even know how many accounts they have. Do you? Imagine that you have 150 'active' accounts (a number much higher than average). You could still interact with every one of them within 22 business days by contacting seven customers per day. You could send four e-mails in the morning, and leave three voice messages in the afternoon. Estimated total time required per day: 15 minutes.

Here's a radical idea: Thank your customers if you truly appreciate their business. (Please note: If you think that I am suggesting that you send out mass generic e-mail blasts... or "Dear Loyal Customer..." junk mail... go back to sleep!)

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