Saturday, December 27, 2008

What Day Are You On?

It is a common belief that it takes at least 21 consecutive days of doing something (good or bad) for it to have a chance of becoming a habit.  My definition of a habit is "a behavior that is done consistently and automatically without thought or provocation".  What habits are you striving to develop?  

Whether they are personal, professional or spiritual... there are certain behaviors that we want to have... or need to have... and the only thing usually standing in our way... is CHOICE.

More importantly, what day are you on?  How many consecutive days have you done what you decided to do?  Exercising... Eating properly... Spending time with your family... Calling new prospects...  Practicing...  Reading... Praying...  Not drinking... Not smoking...  Not getting angry...

Of course, it will probably take more than 21 days for something to become a habit.  But, it will never become a habit if you can't make it to 21.  One day at a time... one decision at a time... we choose whether or not to take another step toward the first checkpoint on our journey to creating a habit: Day 21.

What day are you on?


Amy S. said...

Yes! Change is possible. But does someone really want to change? How come so many are "stuck?" I think most either don't believe in themselves or are afraid.
21 days... that's just barely three weeks. And, yes, I believe anyone can do it. I'm learning to juggle! How about you, what are you working on?
Amy Sluss RN

Jesse said...

I totally agree -- I am on Day 5, but my goal is much further than 21. Changes whether great or small can lead to constant change as long as the momentum of those changes do not falter or halt.