Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As Malcolm Gladwell pointed out in his best-selling book "The Tipping Point", a yawn is one of the most contagious things on this planet. Seeing someone yawn... hearing someone yawn... reading the word "yawn"... or even just thinking about a yawn... will prompt most people to yawn. (Have you yawned yet since starting this paragraph?)

There are other actions & behaviors that are equally contagious (good and bad). We have all had our spirits raised by the positive attitudes of others. Unfortunately, we have also experienced people cause the opposite effect.

What type of attitude do you want to spread (with your words, mindset and behavior)?

Optimism... happiness... confidence... respect...? You have the ability to improve the lives of family, friends, strangers, co-workers, customers, etc. simply by the way you behave... or you can just as easily drag them down. The choice is yours.

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