Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pick a Skill... Any Skill!

If you could develop one skill that would help you be more successful, which one would it be?

A few years ago, I chose Communication. I decided that I wanted to become a great communicator. Of course, wanting something or hoping for something is never enough, so I decided to actually do something.

I joined Toastmasters ( and started to speak in public... and seek out feedback... and watch great speakers... and step up to leadership positions... and video tape my presentations... and read as much as possible... and practice, practice practice.

A mentor once taught me that it doesn't matter how great of an idea, message, company, organization, product, solution or service that you have... nothing happens until you tell somebody.

If you could improve your ability to initiate conversations, quickly build credibility & trust, understand what others are trying to achieve, present solutions, gain commitment and handle objections, what impact would that have on your personal and professional life?

Here's the bonus question... What are you doing every day to improve your communication skills? What could you be doing?

As a result of my investment in Brand ME, I am positioning myself to achieve great things. I have come a very long way... I still have far to go, but I know I'm on the right track.

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