Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Nothing beats the excitement of Opening Day in sports. Every member of every team (from the back office staff… to the coaches… to the players… and even including the fans) is ready for the ‘new’ season to begin. Whether you have trophies on your mantle or lingering memories of disappointment, the slate of the past has been wiped clean. And, (theoretically) you are on equal ground with your competition… at least with regards to the score for that one day.

In business, we have a similar moment in time - the first day of the new fiscal period. Whether it is the start of your new year or just a new quarter, the scoreboard flashes “0”. Some individuals & organizations view that day as a perfect time to evaluate where there are and how they’re doing. They capture last year’s best practices and integrate them into this year’s expected behavior. They realize that they have the opportunity (the obligation) to achieve excellence.

Punch line: Most individuals & organizations treat it like just any other day.
Bonus Punch Line: The real winners approach EVERY day with the passion and optimism of Opening Day.

What will you do to make this a Happy New Year?

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