Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Fear!

Imagine what would happen if you had the power to make your biggest FEAR disappear forever!

You know the one that I’m writing about - the FEAR that is preventing you from achieving your goals. The one that has been standing right between what you should be doing… and what you have been doing.

Maybe it’s:

  • The FEAR of initiating meaningful conversations with new prospects
  • The FEAR of asking for commitment
  • The FEAR of making a commitment
  • The FEAR of standing up for yourself
  • The FEAR of taking control of your own destiny
  • The FEAR of public speaking
  • The FEAR of looking silly
  • The FEAR of making a mistake
  • The FEAR of failure

What if you could make that FEAR go away? What would you do differently? How could your Life change?

While you might not yet believe that you already have the power to conquer your biggest FEAR… I challenge you to believe that you have the next best thing… The Power to Pretend. Most adults have been wasting their Power to Pretend for most of their lives. Identify that one FEAR that is holding you back…, then pretend that it doesn’t exist. It sounds simple because it is… Even though we all know that “simple” does not necessarily mean “easy”… Try it anyway!

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