Friday, July 24, 2009

Super Heroes

If you could become any Super Hero, which one would you choose? That is the seemingly silly question that one of my friends challenged me to answer today. Instinctively, I thought of my childhood favorite – Superman! With his ability to fly… unparalleled strength… x-ray vision how could I go wrong? Then I realized something – Superman is so 20th Century! Which Super Hero should I be today? My choice?

Achieving Excellence Man! Achieving Excellence Man has three abilities: 1) The ability to Inspire everyone in his presence with the desire to achieve Excellence at their chosen skill… 2) The ability to give everyone the Discipline to work hard & sacrifice to achieve those skills… and 3) The ability to instill Compassion in everyone so that they will apply their new skills to help others.

While becoming Superman is an unattainable fantasy…each & every one of us does have the opportunity (or it is the obligation?) to become some type of Super Hero who can make the world a better place. You could be:

  • Positivity Man… with the power to make everyone optimistic.
  • Mother Nature… who can create environmental abundance wherever she travels.
  • D.I.Y. Guy… who empowers others to do things themselves.
  • Peace Maker… She resolves every conflict and disagreement

The only thing preventing you from becoming a real Super Hero who can improve the world… is your belief that it’s possible… and your decision to make it happen. Which Super Hero will you become?

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