Monday, July 20, 2009

Take The Break-thru Challenge!

"I am only physically able to do 100 sit-ups. That is a fact!" I have had a ‘bad back’ since I stopped playing competitive tennis, and my muscles begin to spasm around sit-up # 80. Therefore, my proven limitation is 100!

At least, that was the lie I told myself for many years. Recently, I challenged myself to see what would happen if I pretended that limitation did not exist. "What if more is possible?" I asked myself. "What was the worst that could happen? I'm pretty confident that I won't die. Maybe my back will just hurt a little more than normal."

Amazingly, I did 150 sit-ups during my first personal challenge (a 50% improvement!). Immediately after realizing what was possible, my new ‘limitation’ became 150. Since that time, I have been pushing past various physical ‘limitations’ on a regular basis, and my current personal best is 351 sit-ups..

Whether it is a physical activity like sit-ups… an academic activity like reading... or an emotional activity like granting forgiveness, what self-imposed ‘limitations’ are holding you back? Take the Break-thru Challenge, and pretend (at least once) that more IS possible… and see what happens!

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