Saturday, October 10, 2009

Belief drives Behavior

"Would you like to be a motivational speaker some day?" By asking this seemingly innocent question to novice public speakers, I quickly determine their level of confidence, drive and probability of achieving their goal... because they really should give only one of two answers: "No"... or "I already am!" Their attitude makes all the difference.

Please note that I did not ask, "Are you a great motivational speaker?" The question was not, "Are you a professional motivational speaker?" I did not inquire, "Are you a successful motivational speaker?" But, that is the way that most people hear those questions, and (tragically) that is the way that most people behave. They think that they must achieve a certain level of proficiency before they can 'be something'. As a result, many people rarely become something.

The moment that you believe you are a motivational speaker (instead of just wanting to be one), you will behave differently. You will search out great motivational speakers for advice... you will read books on public speaking... you will join Toastmasters... you will watch you will speak as often as possible (for fee and for free). Belief drives behavior.
Stop wanting... Start being!

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