Saturday, October 31, 2009

Successful People

Success is not for everyone. It should be… but, it’s not.

There are two things stopping most people from achieving the success they desire: successful thinking and successful behavior. In the tradition of the “Chicken or the Egg?” debate, some people waste their time asking, “Which comes first... successful thinking or successful behavior?" Of course, the correct answer is: “Both!”

Without successful thinking… you will rarely have successful behavior. Without successful behavior… you will never become successful. Like most things in Life, while that might not be that easy… it is that simple.

Do you think and behave like a successful person? What if you did?

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beidler said...

Hi Steven,

I really enjoy reading your quality blogs. I certainly identify with 60% of your current topics including quality time with family, successfull thinking and behavior. I'm still working to improve on the remaining topics.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and teachings to the masses.