Friday, October 30, 2009

"It's Easy!"

“It’s easy!” That’s what Pat (my Southwest airlines flight attendant) told me when I complimented and thanked her for excellent customer service during my cross-country flight (#1691) today from Chicago-Midway to Oakland.

From her bright sincere smile when I entered the plane… to her concern for my leg room immediately after I sat down… to her hilarious (and informational) flight announcements… to her continuous care for me and the full plane of passengers… to the gifts that she gave me (a pen and some playing cards)… to her final “Good-bye, we’ll see you next time!”… Pat was the model of Excellence. I’m confident that she would have handled her ‘real’ job of caring for us in an emergency if that had occurred. Yes, Pat… it is easy!... Unfortunately, it is less than common… it is very rare.

What if every person in your organization cared that much for your customers… and represented your brand that well? (Punch Line: They can because… it’s easy!)

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