Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dare To Be Bad

Ask young children the following question, “Are you artists?” They will confidently answer, “Yes, we are!” They will have had little or no training, and their creations will be far from masterful… but they believe that doesn’t matter. They believe that creating art… makes you an artist… regardless of how good you are. They instinctively understand that they must first be bad at something if they ever wants to become good at it.

Ask an adult the same question, “Are you an artist?” Most will quickly answer, “No, I am not!” That’s because he did not hear the question. He thought that you asked, “Are you a good artist?” or “Are you a professional artist” or “Are you a successful artist?”… all of which have nothing to do with your original question or the point.

Stop setting imaginary thresholds of competency before you admit to doing something… or (much worse) before you even try doing something. Think like you did when you were a child: Confidently… Fearlessly… Happily, and your perspective on Life will change for the better.

Be what you want to be… in order to become what you want to become.

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