Thursday, February 11, 2010

Taking the Shorter Line

I called a good Friend/client today to wish him a “Happy Anniversary!” On the surface, that does not seem extraordinary, but it is. It is because today is his 12th anniversary of getting a kidney transplant. He just happened to mention the date in passing many months ago, and (me being me) I wrote that date in my calendar. I wrote it down because he is my Friend… and because I know that today is an important day in his Life.

I did not do that for selfish reasons… even though I realize now that I will benefit greatly from my 'simple' phone call. How many other people even know about today’s significance? How many other people will remember? How many other people will take the time to call to wish him a “Happy 12th Kidney Transplant Anniversary!”? I’m guessing not very many.

That’s what I call ‘Taking the Shorter Line”. Doing what everybody else is NOT doing… SHOWING that I Care and that I am Different… by proving it with my actions. Every day, I get bombarded by junk from so many people lined up who say (and maybe even believe) that they care about me. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for most of them… because I’m always in the Shorter Line.

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