Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Experts Wanted!

The world has too few experts… and there is only one reason why: Choice!

I have learned from more than one source that the ‘average’ American (after finishing whatever level of education they’ve completed) will never read another non-fiction book as long as they live. Let that thought sink in for a minute… Instead of looking at this as a tragedy, I choose to see this as an amazing opportunity.

You could read several books on any subject (for FREE), and immediately become a relative expert in that field… someone with Valuable, contemporary knowledge that could help others and yourself. Therefore, I challenge you to do the following simple steps:

1) Pick a topic on which you want to become an expert (preferably something that could help people.

2) Go to the bookstore or library and read at least three non-fiction books on that subject.

3) Help and share your knowledge with others to make this world a Better Place.

4) Repeat

You could become a relative expert on a meaningful topic of your choice by this time next week... What are you going to do?

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