Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Celebrate Today… then, let’s get back to Work!

The Super Bowl… Stanley Cup… World Series… Daytona 500… World Cup… Olympics... Every year, hundreds of millions of people spend countless time & money following their team or individual athletes. They celebrate in the victories… and anguish in the defeats. There is nothing wrong with this behavior because that is the nature of spectator sports. A tiny percent of us Do… while the rest of us just watch. This behavior, however, is no longer acceptable in Life. January 20, 2009 is truly a day of celebration… for a Race… a nation… and the world.

While celebrating milestones is appropriate (and sometimes even important), we must never lose sight of the ultimate objective.

Sometime during all of our celebrations today, our new leader will ask us to Unite… Commit… Sacrifice… and Persevere. Unlike with sports, this is not the time to sit back, watch the action from the sidelines, and celebrate like we have already won or complain like there is no Hope. In this game of Life, there are no spectators… only participants.

Celebrate today… then, let’s get back to work!

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