Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lost in the Clutter

What if your company offered a product, service or solution that actually addressed your target market's needs... was reasonably priced... and was better than the competition? Would that be enough to ensure your success? Of course not!

Then, why do so many individuals and organizations think that's all that it takes... or think that's the 'hard' part of the sales equation? It's not! In the game of poker, that's what's called the ante (the 'price' to play). That's when the real game begins... While technology continues to 'help' the world become smaller and smaller... many sales professionals and their companies find themselves lost in the clutter of available options. Here's the paradigm shift that needs to be addressed:

Being "Great!" is not good enough any more. Being valuable or cheap doesn't help much either.

What are you doing differently from last year to make your team, your message and your solution stand out in the crowd? If the answer is "Nothing", then don't be surprised if I can't find you.

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Brent said...

That is a message I'm working on getting out to my clients as well.

I have seen the print media business drop significantly in the last year.

So I'm working on adding internet marketing to my model.
With emphasis on SEO, PPC and social networking.

You must be flexible these days.

Great advice!