Monday, January 26, 2009


-adjective: something needing no explanation

That is the common definition of this expression. But, is it true?

What does it mean if I tell you that "you're too expensive"?
  • You're more expensive than I expected?
  • You're more expensive than what I'm doing now?
  • You're more expensive than your competition?
  • You're more expensive than I can approve?
  • You're more expensive than the value I perceive?

How about "I can't"... what does that mean?

  • I can't do that yet?
  • I can't do that under the current circumstances?
  • I can't do that alone?
  • I can't do that within your timeline?
  • I can't do that without more budget?
  • I can, but it would be extremely difficult?
  • I can, but I don't want to?
  • I can, but I don't think I need to?

The only thing self-explanatory about something self-explanatory... is its description, "self-explanatory".

There is only one way to be 100% sure what somebody means... Ask!

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